Aquapak Bouquets

Aquapak bouquets are classically designed, pre-arranged and tied by hand. The finished designs are packed in a cellophane wrapping containing water and flower food. Ideally the flowers should be taken out of the packaging and placed in a vase, although the water can be topped up allowing the flowers to remain in the original packaging for instant display.


Each Aquapak is individually made and tailored to your needs, so no two are exactly the same.


The Aquapak comes in sizes ranging from;


Medium £25*

Large £30*

Extra large £40+*


Here are a few examples of Aquapak Bouquets that I have personally made for previous clients.

If you would like to place an order, please get in contact today.


* Prices are for seasonal flowers only. Tropical leaves and flowers used will be at an extra cost.

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